St Andrews has been a Fairtrade Town since St Andrews Day 2005

Welcome to the St Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign. The St Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign aims to promote awareness of fair trade and to encourage a constant increase in the supply of and demand for Fairtrade products. We were delighted to be named FAIRTRADE COMMUNITY GROUP OF THE YEAR, 2015 at the Scottish Fairtrade Forum Awards event in Glasgow on 25 November 2015.

12,500 Fairtrade bananas, over 110,000 cups of Fairtrade coffee plus all the tea, sugar and hot chocolate were Fairtrade at the 144th Open in St Andrews this summer.  With the help of University students we updated the Directory and the University kindly printed this up as a Fairtrade Finder which you can find in the town library, various shops and accommodation in the town.  Our campaign to work with the R&A to encourage them to use Fairtrade products during The Open has been very successful. We are delighted that the R&A fully supported Fairtrade at The 144th Open Championship 16th - 19th July 2015 in St Andrews. 

We are working with the guest houses and hotels in St Andrews to encourage their use of Fairtrade products and are holding workshops and meetings to show our support for more fair and just global trade through lobbying our representatives in Edinburgh, London and Brussels parliaments.

We publish the St Andrews Fairtrade Directory of cafés and restaurants, accommodation and shops in St Andrews where Fairtrade products are available, and of workplaces and community organisations which have pledged to support Fairtrade.

Read our most current news below and the rest of our news in our news archive.